A couple more promo shots of Alex for Chasing Shadows. [Credit]

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Alex Kingston as Professor Diane Freed in Crashing (2007)

5 things that make me happy (✿◠‿◠) (tagged by canyousonicme)

- my animals
- thunderstorms
- ice cream!
- swimming in the sea
- movies, tv shows, and fandom (they count as one shh)

I tag: anyone who sees this and fancies doing it too :)

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"Ruth Hattersley" character bio



       Ruth is a highly experienced analyst with the national Missing Persons Bureau. She advises the police on their missing persons investigations.  

       Ruth’s a natural optimist and believes people are inherently good.  Gregarious, maternal and incurably nosy, she is a people person.  She’s genuinely interested in how others feel about and see the world; and this natural curiosity has helped her attain a psychology masters and to become one of the Home Office’s most valued missing persons experts.  

       However, there’s nothing more daunting to Ruth than an empty room.  Without the validation of others, she feels lost; she’d far rather immerse herself in other people’s lives than think about her own.  She’s therefore sometimes too quick to trust and therefore, often vulnerable — but better that than face up to her loneliness.

       Ruth is a single mother to 14 year old Bryan. Ruth’s ex – Bryan’s father – is still in the picture, but not really a solid fixture in their lives.

       Ruth and Bryan live with her mum, Maggie. It appears to work for all of them.  Ruth wants to settle down but can’t settle. She’s looking for love but uses men before they use her and is overwhelmed by the prospect of commitment.

       As a 16 year old, Ruth ran away from home after her dad left her mum. She ended up living rough and what she saw on the street terrified her: lives gone wrong at the very start, rarely get back on track. It’s that personal experience that drives her work at the Missing Persons Bureau. She wants to help the lost. 

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NEW ITV crime drama ‘Chasing Shadows’ is now available for pre-order! [x]


Alex Kingston photographed by Steve Schofield for "You" magazine. 
(Photographed 9 June, 2014.)
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Alex Kingston portrait by Steve Schofield for "You" magazine.
Photographed 9 June, 2014.
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New Chasing Shadows trailer

Alex in the new ‘Chasing Shadows' trailer.

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I’m very happy right now; I’ve got somebody in my life who’s an incredible support and really understands me. It’s a huge relief to have met somebody like that. I think one changes as one gets older – different things matter in relationships. I’ve matured in confidence. I know who I am better now. I have lived through a lot of tough stuff and survived; I have a resilience that I never imagined I would have. (x)

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Alex Kingston, You Mag Photoshoot (July 2014) [x]


i love alex kingston so much and i’m so happy she’s happy and she’s found someone that makes her happy and i’m just so HAPPY

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"I’ve lived through some tough stuff - and survived" (x)

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