Me and Alex Kingston at Pit bulls and Parolees New Orleans grand opening. March 31, 2012”  kodaksbykojack

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Alex Kingston interview in BEAT UK -2014.

Alex Kingston accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (X)

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Alex Kingston accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from her Kinglets— http://youtu.be/s1jDja0E7lc

I had to record this with my phone pointing towards my iPad because there’s no way to download Instagram DMs, so I apologize for the quality. This is also why it took me so long to get the video up. I know a lot of you will probably have questions for me but I will go ahead and tell you now— I can’t answer them. Just enjoy the video, Kinglets!



"My name is Alex Kingston and I was nominated by the Kinglets to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge."
I won’t be able to upload the video until tomorrow but here’s the picture OMG I AM CRYING RIGHT NOW


Alex Kingston attends the 51st BAFTA Film Awards on 18th April 1998

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Ruth & Carl  ’Chasing Shadows’ Ep02.

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If your way is so infallible, then where is she?

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Don’t underestimate Ruth Hattersley… (Chasing Shadows, Episode 2/4)


Alex Kingston at a local Humane Society in New York City, 23 April 2002

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