"Ruth doesn’t step into this world lightly."  

Alex Kingston as Ruth Hattersley in Chasing Shadows, 2014

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Morning all,

How are you today?

I had to share - Chasing Shadows was on TV last night, and they were at Rainham Marshes!

The cast and crew were fabulous - they made sure that what they were going to do wouldn’t disturb the wildlife or us!
We even got to meet some of the cast!
Terry, our Office Manager, was very happy to meet the lovely Alex Kingston

Alex Ruth being completely adorable.

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"Oh my family said I was wrong by the way, for not going with you for something to eat".

Ruth’s Face ~ ’Chasing Shadows’ S01E03

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"Where are you right now?"

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Ruth Hattersley + Outfits (Chasing Shadows, Ep 3/4)

Doctor Who star Alex Kingston was the perfect cure for indy ref fever

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"I had coffee with him that’s all".

Alex Kingston said to every Kinglet, ever. (Chasing Shadows, Ep 3/4)

 And whether sensitivity comes naturally to you or not Detective, I’d ask you to make a special effort.

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